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When working with institutions, our goal is to ensure your investments are diversified, well managed and meet stated objectives.

Using industry-leading tools and technology, we craft, implement and oversee carefully designed strategies aimed at growing assets while maintaining effective risk management.

Not-for-Profit Institutions

Rely on experienced professionals

We have a rich history of working with not-for-profit institutions such as religious organizations, foundations and endowments that provide important support for a variety of causes, and require careful asset management to continue to provide funding over time. We gain a clear understanding of each organization’s objectives and develop Investment Policy Statements that reflect the required risk guidelines. We then work with professional staff and Boards to create and manage portfolios with appropriate levels of diversification, and keep these clients well-versed on the choices that have been made and portfolio performance. In addition, we can assist with the creation of spending policies as organizations structure their annual distributions, and draw on our expertise in estate planning to help development staff in procuring planned gifts.

Retirement Plan Services

Benefit your firm and your employees

We deliver objective, unbiased guidance to help employers create competitive, well-run plans, and to help employees maximize their financial advantage. This includes serving as an advisor to the plan sponsor with respect to investment policies, options and plan design. It also includes selecting the most appropriate set of investment vehicles, which we may manage or outsource to a third-party depending on plan sponsor direction and what we believe to be the most prudent approach. Personalized employee education is an important component of our offering.


Effectively manage risk and return

We have experience in managing a variety of business portfolios, from cash management portfolios to longer-term depreciation reserves. We bring our expertise in managing fixed income portfolios to bear on these investment strategies, selecting the appropriate combination of bonds to provide a well-diversified and risk-managed allocation. We also understand the special needs of insurance entities to match assets to liabilities within the framework of extensive regulatory standards.