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Individuals and Families

We provide a wide range of capabilities to simplify the complexities of wealth and help you achieve your financial goals.

Our high-touch service model includes many opportunities to interact with your personal wealth counselor to discuss your particular situation and answer any questions that may arise.

Investment Counsel

Benefit from an objective third-party perspective

Our goal is to implement strategies that are well-considered and appropriate to your needs. To support this, we begin every relationship with a discovery phase that is designed to help us gain a better understanding of your situation and objectives. By discussing your goals and challenges, our seasoned wealth counselors gain a clear appreciation for who you are, your values, and how they can best serve you today and into the future.

This includes understanding your risk profile and developing an investment policy statement to guide the asset allocation strategy and management of your assets. Acting like your own private CFO, we also can coordinate with your other trusted advisors so that we are managing your wealth in a prudent and tax-efficient manner.

Financial Planning

Create a roadmap for long-term financial success

We feel financial planning is so important that we create a plan for you as part of the overall relationship, including investment, tax, insurance, charitable giving, estate, and risk management issues. We analyze your current asset, liabilities, and ongoing expenditures, and develop a customized roadmap to keep you focused on your specific goals. We monitor your plan on a regular basis to capture changes needed and work with you to update it as necessary.

Portfolio Management

Follow a strategy that fits your profile

Portfolio management complements our investment counsel and financial planning services. This phase starts with assessing and building upon your current portfolio to construct an asset allocation strategy that addresses your goals and objectives and personal risk-return profile. The investment vehicles we use include a combination of stable value assets that can act as a safety net for unforeseen events, income generating assets that can help reduce overall volatility, growth assets that can generate returns through price appreciation and dividends, and alternative investments that provide an added level of diversification.

We use an extensive set of analytic tools to monitor the market and the performance of different asset classes. As we track your portfolio, we may make tactical adjustments based on new information, and rebalance it from time-to-time to maintain alignment with the agreed-upon investment policy statement and the objectives of your financial plan.

Trust Services

Entrust us to care for all your wealth management needs

We provide high-quality trust and estate management services, as well as investment management, from a single, integrated source. You receive continuity of service and advice from the same advisors who help manage other aspects of your financial affairs. Our firm can serve as trustee of trusts across the United States.

Our team as the personnel, know-how, and systems in place to act as your Executor (Co-Executor), Trustee (Co-Trustee), or Agent. As such, we can handle the daily administrative duties of managing your trust or estate so that your assets are invested and ultimately distributed according to the terms of your trust or estate documents. Working in conjunction with your attorney, accountant, and other suitable advisors, we address issues ranging from current income needs to the protection of assets for family inheritance. Other services such as custody of assets, including assets other than securities; bill paying; trust accounting; expedient tax reporting; and trust tax return preparation are available.

Our objective is to help you navigate and manage the complexities of trust and estate issues and to work with you now, and in the future, to craft and execute a plan that will meet your – and your family’s – long-term wealth management needs.

Private Client Banking

Partner with an experienced banker that understands your needs

As part of an integrated wealth management team, our experienced private client bankers have the insight and tools to help you capitalize on your opportunities.We offer checking and savings accounts, personal loans, loans secured by your investment account, credit cards, and convenient online and mobile account access. Learn More