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Women's Initiative

The women of Boys, Arnold & Co have developed an initiative to support our female clients and friends.  While women, in general, have the same knowledge as men in financial matters, many are not confident in their knowledge.  We want to provide affirmation of your existing knowledge and share a bit of new information with you.  The Women’s Initiative is a series of events designed to provide information and generate discussion on a range of financial issues.  These events are interactive, casual and fun.

For event information, please contact Laura Clark or Meg McFaddin

The next event is June 13 at Vaso de Vino Market on Long Shoals Road.

We have a special guest from the Council on Aging who will cover an overview of Medicare.  We want to help provide information to help you navigate through the onerous Medicare process.  The event will include the following:

  • What are the different parts and plans
  • What benefits are available with Medicare
  • How to navigate the Medicare system
  • How to determine what Medicare coverage you need
  • When Medicare Supplement plans are appropriate
  • How to save money on Medicare related costs
  • When it would be appropriate to change your Medicare plans

We are proud to offer this casual evening for ladies to learn, ask questions and share stories.  The evening is appropriate for those already on Medicare as well as those who will utilize Medicare in the future. We encourage you to bring a friend to this event.