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Investment Process

Crafting effective wealth management solutions begins with effective listening – and effective listening takes time.

1. Client Focus

We know there is no substitute for time spent with clients, which is why we intentionally maintain an exceptionally low ratio of clients to counselor. It is this practice that has helped us grow to be one of the preeminent money management firms in the Carolinas, and it is the reason why our clients can trust that our customized financial plans will serve their needs today and tomorrow.

2. Long-Term Objectives

Once we understand your goals and aspirations, we apply time-tested, strategic wealth management principles to your individual circumstances to carve out a financial plan that will successfully meet your long-term objectives.

3. Collaboration

There are no short-cuts toward meeting your goals. Your wealth counselor essentially functions as your personal CFO: collaborating with our team to ensure sustainable growth, year over year.

4. Monitoring & Evaluation

We end where we begin: by listening. We regularly monitor and evaluate our agreed upon plan of action to take account of changing market conditions and/or your needs and adjust accordingly.